Out of the ordinary online classes

You feel like a distance learning degree in Human Resources does not fit you. Are you rather interested in leading a rally or brewing the perfect beer? Tell your parents or friends that you are not crazy as institutions have taught about satisfying the wishes of those who want to receive certificates in others than Business Administration, Human Resources, Public Health and so one. Here are some colleges that offer online certificates for those who want to become beer-brewing, media-sharing, and garden-growing professionals. Portland State University is offering the Business of Craft Brewing Online Certificate      Through Portland’s distance learning degree program, industry specialists will teach you how to start and grow your start up so that you can successfully […]

Is Online Education A Fit For You?

Before you submit your candidacy for a certain distance learning program, make sure that the online college and the distance learning degree are what you are looking for. Being enrolled in a distance learning education program is an enjoyable experience. But, what you need to keep in mind is that online education does not suit everyone. While some students enjoy the freedom of being an online education student others find themselves regretting the choice of enrolling in a distance learning education program. However, those who are happy with the decision of graduating a distance learning degree program share the following characteristics. A successful online education student does not need to be assisted  In case you are the type of person […]

What You Should Not Do As An Online Student

An online education program can help you land a better job that will eventually get you a raise. But, choosing the inappropriate school or not networking with your peers might contribute to your failure. If you wish to do well in your distance learning degree program, concentrate to avoid some common mistakes. Choose an accredited online college program    An unaccredited distance learning education program can ruin your chances to advance your education and get the wanted job. An unaccredited distance learning program is not accepted by employers and universities. So do not spend money on tuition fees without knowing more about your future online college. What can you do? Before enrolling in a distance learning program, check if the […]

Have a minimum GPA of 2.5? Then you can apply for this $2,000 scholarship

Life is busy, messy and sometimes it’s not at all, what we planned. For many people, this means missed opportunities. Like not being able to go to college. But experts agree, you now can get your chance back by enrolling with a respectable distance learning program at an online education university. Distance learning programs are today offered at any level. You can enroll with an associate degree online or a bachelor degree. The decision is up to you. But you should know that an associate degree online is the cheapest form of higher education. In a world where money is an issue for most of us, an associate degree online might be the answer for those looking to make more […]

Distance Learning Education – Yes Or No?

Interested in attending distance learning classes but you are not quite sure about the online education experience? If you cannot decide whether taking a distance learning degree is worthy or not, do not stop reading our article. Here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you decide whether you should purse an online college program or not. Have a pleasant reading! Are you open minded? Distance learning education has nothing to do with the traditional classroom model. You will need to have an open mind about how learning takes place. You do not need to be tech savvy in order to attend your distance learning education program. However, you need to understand how things work so that […]