We’ve heard this mantra numerous times: education is a right, not a privilege. But for students living in America it does not always feel this way. The student debt problem has escalated dramatically in the US, so many young individuals are forced to put off their plans of attending college for fears they will not be able to afford it.

Fortunately, the rise of college education online has helped offset this dramatic trend. And with the advances of high definition video conferences, enrolling with an online degree program is worth considering more than ever.

Distance learning courses come with many advantages, and thanks to the advances in technology college education online can feel almost the same as taking on-campus classes.

It’s not a secret that college costs a lot of money. You have to pay your tuition fees, for a dorm room/apartment, cafeteria meals, text books and more. All these expenses quickly amount to huge sums, so many students end up taking a loan.

But those enrolled with an online degree program can take paying for room & board and studying materials out of the equation. Online schools offer text books in digital form, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. And since taking distance learning courses means you’ll be studying from home, paying for a room or apartment on campus won’t be a problem anymore.

Remember, the average student graduates with a minimum $37,000+ in debt. This can be a huge burden for a young individual trying to kick start his/her adult life.

The lower costs of distance learning make applying to online schools worth considering. What’s more, you can always apply for a scholarship to help you with funding your distance learning courses.

And since in the case of college education online, there’s a smaller amount to pay, you’ll be able to cover your fees faster than traditional students.

But are students enrolled with an online degree program eligible to apply for scholarships? Of course, they are. Just like regular college students.

Here’s one which welcomes application from distance learning students enrolled at online schools. Lamber Goodnow is a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers Firm that wants to go students go to college.

So with this purpose, it is offering a selection of scholarships. Including one that targets innovative and highly creative high school or college students enrolled with an on-campus or distance learning program.

In order to apply you need a minimum GPA of 2.8. If that’s your case, then you are invited to submit a 500 to 750-word essay by December 01 (each year) in which you tell the jury how to plan to influence progress on any level in any space. Or how you have possibility impacted a field with creative thinking.

Two scholarships, each worth $1,000 will be awarded every year.

Lamber-Goodnow Injury Law Team Education Scholarships

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