Over the past few decades, the Internet has become a huge source of information and education, especially for those who find themselves short on time, money or other important resources.

The Internet has transformed education dramatically. College education online has shifted the grasp of power from the hands of the institution to those of the students.

And whether you’re looking to enroll into a bachelor program or to deepen your knowledge on a certain topic, the options to get education have never been more diverse

And distance learning education is leading the winds of change. The use of online degree programs has been growing at an astronomical rate, and it’s not stopping now. Thanks to online degree programs students have more power over their education than ever before.

As a student of college education online you can choose where you study, when you study and how. You’re no longer bound to a fix schedule and are able to juggle more than one responsibility.

Traditionally when a student started a college program, they had to make a huge change to their life: move to another city, get a new apartment, a new job or new friends. But with university online degrees the disruption to your normal routine can be kept to a minimum.

We have to keep in mind that many individuals who opt for distance learning education are atypical students. For example, you might be busy raising a family, taking care of your kids. But at the same time, you want to be able to get a job that will support your family and ensure its well-being.

By enrolling with one of the online degree programs available out there, you’ll be able to do both – take care of your family and study. You don’t’ have to relocate to a location close to campus, and you won’t have to travel to and from lectures. University online degrees are designed to fit in your schedule, no matter how tight it might be.

On top of that, college education online has a tendency to be more affordable that traditional degree programs. Not only will you be able to find online degree programs at more acceptable fees, but given that you don’t have to move from home you will be able to save additional money.

And if you find you still can’t afford your distance learning education, you can always apply for scholarships. Student of online degree programs are eligible for funding just like traditional learners.

Don’t know where to start looking for funding opportunities? Then you have come to the right place. Here’s a scholarship open for those enrolled with university online degrees.

It’s offered by the American Addiction Centers and is targeting students of degree programs in the following fields including social work, psychology, nursing, counseling, marriage and family therapy or substance abuse or mental health training programs.

The program welcomes applications from undergrad and grad students, provided they have a minimum GPA of 3.2.

In order to apply you will have to write an original essay which answers the following question:

In your chosen area of Behavioral Science studies, what do you see as current challenges for getting individuals into addiction treatment? What are your suggestions for how to fix this problem?”

The deadline to apply for this bursary is April 30, 2018. The winner will receive a scholarship worth $5,000.

Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship

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  • Dear Sir/Madam,i am interested in this scholarship for the academic year 2019.How can i go about it?.

  • dear, i am very interested in this scholarship under the humanities in any country in academic year 2018/2019, how can i get it,

  • Dear Sir:
    Thanks for the information. I am deeply interested and would appreciate further details as to how to proceed.
    Anticipate a response soon.

  • I really appreciate you for this information and i only hope that things workout. For sometime now i have been scouting for this opportuninity.

  • dear, i am very interested in this scholarship under the humanities in any country in academic year 2013, how can i get it, thank you

  • Dear Sir:
    Thanks for the information. I am deeply interested and would appreciate further details as to how to proceed.
    Anticipate a response soon.

  • Am very much great full given the opportunity to apply for this program thanks will be waiting to hear from you

  • I am really interested in this scholarship under the humanities in any country in academic year 2019, how can i get it, thank\’s

  • Dear sir, Thank you for cosideration.Iam deeply interested in this scholarship with emhpasis on English language.And I appreciate further information asto how to proceed. Iam looking forwad to anticipating a positive response soon. Thanks. Mohamed Azeem

  • Sounds great I would like to know if I could have the grant too tell me how and when to apply

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
    On behalf of your junior staff, I would like to thanks the management
    for giving me the wonderful opportunity to attend the University and study
    under your scholarship programme.
    I truly appreciate it!
    I have a valid passport.
    your generosity truly makes a difference.
    many thanks again,

  • Dear sir/madam
    I am really interested in this scholarship under the school of natural sciences.your consideration will be highly appreciated,faithfully yours.

  • I have a master degree in english and am really interrested in having à scholarship for humanitarian studies. Can you please help me?

  • Hi. My name is Habtamu Legese. I have bachelor degree in medical laboratory technologist. I wont to learn pathology. I can\’t assist my life so poor. Could you help me please?

  • hello I\’m Lameck elneus bagumya I\’m from Tanzania infact I wish to get a chance to study there. either law or international relationship, as a bachelor, thank you in advance

  • How are you? I am Tavawana Zhou. I am trying to locate a link for a PhD in Public Policy and A administration.
    Thank you very much for your guidance in advance.
    Cell 0773966229.
    Yours Sincerely.
    Tavawana Zhou.

  • my name is Mohammed,from Ethiopia.I am psychiatry nurse (bsc or degree),I have 4years experience by serving as mental health clinician currently I want to study master degree with the same or related field but unable to cover do to financial problem ,so if you a place for student like me I can outstanding every challenge rather than financial problem .my Cgpa is 3.4

  • Hi Sir,

    Humble to be here and would be thankful should a full schorlship is offer for me to study Bachelor degree in Behavioral science (psychology/counselling)at Queensland University, Admission accepted and only awaiting payment of fess to University so I seek a scholarship to fund my studies. Please sir help me with a schorlship ,for fees, living cost for 4 years. confirm yes I would take this chance for me life for a schorlship and further studies.

    Confirm yes.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry
    Solomon Islands0Low income country.

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  • Dear sir/madam

    I am here by applying for a scholarship

    I am a Zambian citizen age 22 years old I completed my high school level in 2015 later on I wrote again an exam\’s in 2018 in 5 subjects which was,
    Mathematics, 3
    Science, 3
    Civic education, 1
    Biology, 5

    I have a valid passport and the scan copy of my secondary results,
    I would like to have the scholarship I am single with no any problems in my body am very health a man who is ready to have a scholarship

    Therefore I am ready to be given a scholarship I will be greatly appreciate if my application was put into consideration.

  • l would like a fully funded scholarship for an undergraduate post to study medicine. l currently live in Zimbabwe and l have been facing problems to fund my education. Please help

  • Dear sir/madam
    I would like a fully funded scholarship to study Information Technology. Your help will be strongly appreciated.

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