In today’s arid economic climate, a growing number of families and high school graduates are question the value of higher education. Naturally, they are wondering whether an investment in college is bound to pay off.

Even if college means having to pay massive tuition fees, but also for room, board and study materials, experts tend to agree that getting a higher education is well worth it.

But what if we told you, you can forget about covering additional college expenses? Well you can do that by enrolling with an online degree program. Jump on board with college education online and you’ll be able to study from home and bypass having to pay for an apartment on campus.

Affordability is not the only thing the online university has going for it. College education online institutions today offer varied programs at any level. Those looking to become digital students can apply for an associate degree online or online masters degree.

Just check with your online university of choice to see their offer. If you don’t find the associate degree online or online masters degree you’re after, keep searching. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for at another online university.

We should make a side-note here. An associate degree online is the cheapest form of online degree program available. On top of being more affordable, it also takes only up to two years to complete, so students who graduate can be out on the job market sooner than students enrolled with a full 4-year program.

An online masters degree also takes two years to complete, but this is a graduate degree and to apply to such an online degree program you need to have completed a bachelor undergraduate program. Don’t confuse the two of them!

Anyway, the third advantage of enrolling with a college education online is that students are eligible to apply for scholarships.

Like this one below which is open for both undergrads and graduate students.

Offered by the Fraser Institute, this scholarship seeks to award scholarships for college to students who are enrolled with an offline/online university or are still in high school.

In order to apply, all you need to do is write an essay with the title “Increasing the minimum wage: good intentions, bad policy?

When writing the paper, please consider answering questions like: Should provincial governments increase the minimum wage?

The scholarship program is open for Canadian residents. The Faster Institute offers three scholarship awards. The first prize is worth $1,500, the second is $1,000 and the third is $500.

The deadline to submit your essay is June 01, 2018. Good luck!

63 Thoughts on “Write a though-provoking essay and win a $1,500 scholarship for college”

  • My name is Yeabsira. I will be in twelfth class next year and i thought it would be better if i start applying earlier . So please help me get a scholarship

  • Myname is Maria Simon from Tanzania and Ihave just complete my formsix e ducation hoping to join university on October this year taking tourism and wildlife management at MWEKA UNIVERSITY here in Tabzania and Iam inneed of money to pay my fees . Please help me. Thankyou

  • Am an online Zambian male student of masters in public policy management and social justice studying with Walden University. I need financial assistance. Am really in of a scholarship.

  • I would have liked to participate in the essay writing but the mail noticification came late.

  • My name is solomon ayalew from
    Ethiopia and I have just complete
    my BSc degree in mechanical engineering from dilla University now my dream is to learn master\’s degree in your university Please help me. Thank-you.

  • my name is Elizabeth, would be done with my BA in Religious Management and Cultural Studies in a months time and will like to further for masters degree in your University. please what are the procedures?

  • My name is Isha I am from Pakistan. I passes my matric education in 2018 with A grade. I want to study my next education in abroad on scholarship please accept me and kindly give reply what\’s the process as soon as possible.

  • I am Habtemariam Getnet(Ethiopian). I completed my university program in mechanical engineering with a distinction. So I would love to make my MA degree in this year. I wish you can help me through any requirements it ask and I am willing and capable of doing my part.

  • My name is Vanessa from Cameroon. I live with my mum and younger brothers. My dad is no more hence, we\’re having financial difficulties. I am a bright student and i wish to study abroad. Please I need a scholarship

  • Dear sir, my name is sathyanarayanan i live with my family in mom and yong sister my dad was death am studing I n engineering we are having financial difficulty i am bright student please help me sir i need a scholarship

  • Hi my names Hamud Jamal i live in somalia please help to get this scholarship to improve my knowledge please help me to get scholarship

  • Greetings, I am from Ethiopia. I wish to study MBA. Would you help me how can i get the opportunity.

    Thank you in advance.

  • My name is Soheil Nitin from Bangalore India in 12th grade please give me scholarship and do needful as I\’m from poor background Thnx

  • My name is mahalet simeneh gebereamlak from Ethiopia i have no good financial and pls help me save me according to my dream and wishes

  • I am Henry Doe Darcey III from Liberia. I am 26 from a poor background that in search of scholarship to continue my education. Kindly help me get foreign scholarship to realize my dream.
    Thanks as i await ur good respond

  • I am Henry Doe Dargbeh III from Liberia. I am 26 from a poor background that in search of scholarship to continue my education. Kindly help me get foreign scholarship to realize my dream.
    Thanks as i await ur good respond


  • Hello,
    My name is Joel from Kenya. I am looking forward to getting your scholarship and help me study Bachelor in Community and sustainable development. I have volunteered in community awareness and mentorship activities besides my academic qualifications. I am willing to write an essay as guided. Please provide me with details on how to submit the essay.

  • Hello! My name is Kalsané yanyaka Kepler, Sir,yes I do not mind this scholarship offer.If you can offer them to me for free,because I do not have support to be able to continue my studies.I graduated in 2017 from the D series. I you please,sent me the tickets to have ,I would come to study at home.God bless you!

  • hi,
    my name is safina akram. and i am from Pakistan. i passes my matric education in 2018 from peshawar having 84 percent with A grade. so i want to continue my education in abroad on scholorship. please accept me and kindly give me reply, what is the process as soon as possible\’
    WAITING for a positive reponse

  • My name is Joseph Macros Clark, i am Sierra Leonean and I have sat my WAEC Examination and I have my requirement. please I come from a poor family, I want you to grant me the scholarship so that I will be able to provide for me and my family. thank you very much for your attention, may God garde and protect you all.

  • my names are Marion Mukonda
    am Zambian citizen I have just completed my grade twelve(G12) help me in this scholarship

  • Please help me with scholarship could allow me study abroad and reach the performance communicative and also professional skill

  • My name is Aliyu. I am in twelfth class. And i think the best of my life and the best of my dreams is studying abroad. but the problem is that i came from family who cannot afford the expenses in that, that is why i want to apply for scholarship earlier to be better. i hope you can help with scholarship PLEASE.

  • Hi,my name is Andama Bonny from Uganda,i hold Bachelors Degree in Education,i would request to get scholarship in Masters level.If any related course is there,please am ready for the offer.

  • for 2 year I Graduated bachelor of Eletrical Engineering from Ethiopian DDUIOT University and I have not got the job yet. there is a racial&poltical upriseing in my country, to get the job must be a race of ruling party, member &supporter of ruling party in my country. I realy want to learn Mastrs but a poor boy I have not money please help me

  • Hello, am Ruth Waithira, 18years from Kenya. I finished my high school 2016, but due to financial difficulties,am yet to Join college as has been my desire. My dream is to study a course in plant operator to the highest level Kindlyeed of your support, en would be glad if you accept me to be one of you. Thanks

  • My name is Michelle Tinaye Mare iam a Zimbabewan who wishes to study international law and iam currently a lower 6 student. May you kindly fulfill my draem by granting me a scholarship.

  • Hello, I am Victory John. Am a student who has dreams of studying abroad and thanks to your offer, I believe it would be possible. Help me make this dream a reality .

  • Hello,am uthman by name I study electronical and electronic and i have i dream of study further Must in aboard but I come from a poor family. I will be happy if you help me to make may dream come to reality.

  • Hi,
    I am an undergraduate I would like to continue master degree too please help me in my studies, give me scholarship

  • dear sr madem thanks for good luck very hard day here my scholarship wants to apply now go to here day name is kufa mohammed from ethiopia studied department of economics 12+3yrs degree in addis ababa university my call number +251926235703
    thanks for scholarship

  • Hi
    I would like to finish my education in uni but due to high fees I was unable to continue my studies and hoping that you will consider me in receiving the scholarship.

    Thank you

  • I\’m a Christian girl of Pakistan. i\’m studying in gift university Gujranwala. i have completed my 2 semesters and in these semesters my cg pa was 3.68 now i\’m studying in 3rd semester. i want to studies in abroad and to serve my poor christian community and family in Christ in Pakistan. please please please please give a free 100% chance of scholarship for studying in your university.

  • I am Jarret Kilamonda Avula From Kenya, Just completed my high School would like to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineer. Due to my financial constrain I am unable to continue with my studies at the University . I will be willing to sponsor at least a quater of my training programme.

  • I am Jarret Kilamonda Avula, from Kenya would like to apply for the Scholarship to pursue a degree in Mechanicql Engineer. Financially i can manage to sponsor my training aquater way. Thanks looking forward for your posive respond.

  • I\’m sot Da. I\’m 20 years old. I want scholarship to study abroad. Because I don\’t have money to study there. If I can got scholarship I would be very happy. I am a Cambodian person.
    That\’s all. Thanks

  • My Name is Afework Yanda from Ethiopia I completed MSc. in Football Coaching in Addis Ababa University before 4 years and now teaching @ Mizan-Tepi University Ethiopia. I Honestly appreciate your cooperation and need your help in progressing PhD programme in sport science fields. Thanks more 4Ur help.

  • My name is Basil Agi I\’m from Solomon island and I\’m Studying Accounting,what requirement I needed to eligible to get this scholarship.

  • I am industrial chemistry student at AASTU .but l would like to study my MBA at one of USA university. Please help meb/c no one support me financially

  • My name is Zziwa shafic and I am done with my advanced level and now I request for scholarship for my further studies

  • Hello,am I am solomon Addisie I study Soil and water Engineering and i have i dream of study further Master and doctret program Must in aboard but I come from a poor family. I will be happy if you help me to make may dream come to reality. +251913902088

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