When it comes to selecting a college degree online or offline, we often are told to choose what we love. But what if our passions can’t lead to meaningful careers?

Well if that’s often the case. How many of us will be able to turn our passion for Star Wars into a job? Not many. That’s why when it comes to selecting a traditional or distance learning program, it’s smarter to pick one that will open up the door towards a lucrative career.

Having a job that pays well, doesn’t mean you won’t have time to engage in your passions. And you know what else? Maybe we should take passions and hobbies out of the college degree online or offline equation just yet.

How so? Well as a student seeking to enroll with an on-campus or online degree you’re probably well aware of the fact that offline or online college classes cost a lot of money.

Online classes are the cheaper alternative when it comes to tuition. They also let you put some money aside, given the fact that by studying from home you won’t be forced to pay extra on things like room & board.

But that doesn’t mean online college classes are free to take. Not exactly. Well yes, some online classes are free, but they are not conductive of getting a degree and that’s what you’re after, right?

Anyway, a distance learning degree is still pretty expensive. So, as any student, you’ll probably need to employ the helping hand of a scholarship or two.

Applying to scholarships all the time can become a tedious affair, but it doesn’t have to. If you search and apply for grants that speak to your unique passions and hobbies.

Not sure what we mean? Here’s an example that could very well get you your college degree online funded.

Gun violence is a serious issue across the States and many other countries. Well students enrolled with offline or online classes in college who want to raise awareness about the dangers of gun violence, might be interested to apply for this grant.

The Legal Templates Annual Scholarship encourages traditional/online degree students or high school students to write an essay (500-to-800 words) in which they are to describe a law that could bring a reduction to the rate of gun violence in the US.

The judging committee is looking for a solution to the problem that is both creative and practical. Infographics are also encouraged.

To apply for this grant, you need the essay, as well as a brief introduction of yourself (including the name of your on-campus or distance learning provider aka university). Yes, there’s no GPA requirement here, so the majority of students enrolled with offline or online college classes are eligible to apply for this one.

Applications are received October 20 – August 20 each year. The winner will be awarded a scholarship worth $1,000.

Not into raising awareness about gun violence? You can still fund your traditional or online degree. Just search for a scholarship that speaks to you personally.


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