Are you interested in finding a flexible way to learn from a reputable American University but you do not have the financial means to make your dream real? There are plenty American universities that developed competitive models of distance learning education adapting their curricula to distance learning education methods. Not only you will benefit of the best online education possible but you will also receive an American certification. Here is a list of American Universities that offer online college programs.

Pennsylvania State University

One of the oldest universities in America, in 1892 Pennsylvania became the first to provide correspondence courses. In 1998, it launched an online platform for distance learning degree programs. Nowadays, the university offers more than 100 online college programs and degrees in business, education, technology and so one. The distance learning courses are asynchronous which means that you do not need to attend classes at a given time.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester is a private university that includes 9 colleges focused on experiential learning. Rochester is providing distance learning degree programs to a great audience. On the online platform delivered by Rochester, students have the possibility to create a program that caters to their needs by selecting different modules or several disciplines.

Northeastern University    

It is a non-profit institution which is a leader in cooperative education. It managed to reach approximately 203.000 students from across the world. Students have the chance to study a discipline of their choice – accounting and finance, legal, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and medical.

Arizona State University      

The university offers approximately 100 Bachelor and Master Programs in social sciences, business, public and medical services. The distance learning courses are delivered through a digital platform where students are expected to spend nearly 18 hours per week on a course.

Stanford University 

Who would not want to receive his/ her certification from Stanford? Stanford offers a variety of online education programs. If you want to study at Stanford, the portfolio of online education programs is highly qualitative and quantitative. The university offers also corporate education programs online, on-campus or at the company work sites.

And the list can continue. No matter where you live, distance learning education can help you acquire an online college certificate from a top-notch distance learning education provider. With all the alternatives surrounding you, it is not impossible to choose a distance learning degree program.

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