Life is busy, messy and sometimes it’s not at all, what we planned. For many people, this means missed opportunities. Like not being able to go to college.

But experts agree, you now can get your chance back by enrolling with a respectable distance learning program at an online education university.

Distance learning programs are today offered at any level. You can enroll with an associate degree online or a bachelor degree. The decision is up to you.

But you should know that an associate degree online is the cheapest form of higher education. In a world where money is an issue for most of us, an associate degree online might be the answer for those looking to make more money or who feel stuck in a job and want to switch careers.

Not to mention that an associate distance learning program will have you out on the job market in two years or less.

For those who want the full four-year experience, no problem. You can enroll with bachelor distance learning programs. The majority of online college classes provider offer bachelor programs in a variety of fields.

Online education is no longer the persona non-grata of higher education. Today even respectable brick-and-mortar universities offer online college classes and degrees.

So you can have the option to enroll with a traditional or online college and study online. It’s up to you.

And like any college students, online education learners are also eligible to receive funding. You can pay for your online college classes with the help of scholarships and grants.

Enquire at your university of choice whether they have something available for you. If not, students enrolled with distance learning programs can always search online for alternative funding programs.

For example, if you have graduate from Northern High School, Riverside High School, Voyager Academy or Durham School of Arts in North Carolina and are headed for a college in the states (including Watts School or Nursing), you might be eligible to apply for the Elizabeth Marie Roberts Scholarship.

Students looking to pursue an on-campus or distance learning program need to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be able to demonstrate financial need, in order to be considered for the grant.

The winner of the $2,000 scholarship will be chosen based on a number of criteria including character, academic merit and involvement in service to the community.

If you’re interested to apply, then you should create a new account on the Triangle Community Foundation’s website and apply from there.

The deadline for this year’s scholarship just passed (March 31, 2018), but you can bookmark this page and come back to it next year.

Elizabeth Marie Roberts Scholarship

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  • I have scored GPA above you have required but i don\’t have the money you can you make a speciall offer for such interested ones?

  • I scored GPA of 4.37 at ma Bachelor\’s Degree and I would like to win a scholarship for my Masters Degree.

  • dear,ser/madam my name is ferid ,am from ethiopia i would like to learn Bsc of nursing or other related field ,I have diploma on clinical nursing ,if you give me chance I do my very best to complete my education end to establishe a new approach of health care in ethiopia ,

  • I have scored GPA above you have required but i don\\’t have the money you can you make a special offer for such interested ones? and i need master in the field of biotechnology or plant breeding.

  • My name is mahalet am from east Africa in Ethiopia i was get the point to learn in university filled of low in 2017 ( 2009e.c) but but i didn\’t get the chance to finish my class i get big trouble in my life but now i want to started my education in next year in abroad but i don\’t have money that you required and i need ur help for my life help me plssss

  • My name is Anley Ayalew from Ethiopia.i have excellent CGPA which is 3.93 in plant science.I would like to learn Msc related fildes with agriculture.pleas if there is a chance that allows me contsct me.Email,

  • my name is ifeanyi and l am a student of nnamdi azikiwe university nigeria .l have a good result in biochemistry above recommended one.pls and so interested.

  • My name is imaduddin nejib.i have bsc degree in civil engineering i have GPA 2.54. Now a want to continue masters in any feild but i hav\’tthe ability to pay the required amount of money,i need your help please

  • I am interesting in this scholarship. I want to study agin M.Phil in Kelaniya university but I have not supporter .

  • My name is Mostansir billah from Bangladesh.I completed Bsc in Agriculture from sylhet agricultural university.I need scholarship for higher degree. I have got. CGPA 3.598.

  • i am kakaire lozid am a ugandan by nationality aged 22years am interested because i have no other option
    i was groomed up in an orphanage please #help.i need ascholarship,for higher education please help an African Child i will be grateful for postive response.

  • I am Belsitey Jorbin Daniel a nationality of Ghana. I am 26 years of age.I graduated from the University of Ghana Business School Legon-Accra, Ghana hoping to pursuing my MBA program outside the country. I have a GPA more than 2.5 and i wish to under this program next academic year 2019.I am an outstanding student and believe i qualified for this scholarship. Thank you,

  • I love to research and get new ideas to help society. I am from a very poor family background hence need this scholarship to educate myself and make a positive impact on my society and the world at large. Thank you.

  • I am Bend F Bornor a nationality of Liberia. I am 22 years of age. I am presently a student of Cuttington University. I have a GPA more than 2.5 and I want to extend my education but the money is not available . I need this scholarship.

  • My time has come through this scholarship. My name is Lamie Siryon, a potential Liberian who is willing to satisfy every aspect and provider with an incredible GPA if granted by the grace of God. I have been yielding for scholarship with the aim of 2.5 GPA. Please grant me this scholarship and I will bring happiness to you and the World at large…

  • Please I need your further assistance to further my Education. I am a Ghanaian citizen aged 24. Again,i will have my teacher training diploma certificate at the year of 2019. Hoping to hear from you soon

  • I\’m From Nigeria,I have CPA 3.30 in diploma in accounting. i want to futher my education but money is not available me.I need your assistant

  • i am from Somalia, i have bachelor degree of BA, and i am going online master degree , because i am women headed family and i am going to benefit this opportunity.

  • I am a student of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.i am from Bangladesh.i presently a student.i need scholarship to research on my subject . please provide me this scholarship.

  • Meu GPA é 2,5 e quero dar a continuidade dos meus estudos peço a vossa excelência em me ceder esta bolsa para Mestrado em psicologia clínica.

  • I am Fitsum Mikre I have graduated electrical engineering in CGPA 2.5 I need scholarship to learn communication engineering.

  • I have a gpa Of 3.02 and will like to know if you have an offer for fully funded scholarship program because I lack the financial ability to go in for a partial scholarship

  • My name is Owoeye Babatunde Oluwabukunmi, a 200 level student of Food Engineering in Obafemi Awolowo University, ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. I have a CGPA of 4.03. But I really need Financial assistance to continue my degree program. Thank you for your concern Sir/ Ma.

  • I`m Sanaullah I have obtained 2.9 CGPA in Bs English litreature. I`m interesting to get that scholarship because I have need that scholarship to continue my education carer.

  • my name is Tenaye tekalegn I have GPA of 3.54 in international trade and investment management from university at regular program.So,I don\’t have a money as well as job,if I get this chance I want to study masters program.please help me !!from Ethiopia

  • Hy , l\’m Nokwethemba Ngcobo l need your support for further my study .l don\’t have money to study next year .l want to study National diploma in nursing but this year l\’m still doing community health care workers level 4, please contact me 0760625490.

  • Hi my name is Habtamu Legese.i have bachelory degree in medical Laboratory technology.i wont to learn biomedcien could you help me. I can/t assist my life

  • Kindly I\’m interested in computer studies, help me with scholarships. your good response will highly appreciated.

  • I wrote my A\’level this year and very much in need of a scholarahip to study a degree next year, would greatly appreciate the help.

  • I really need scholarship to study abroad in your country. Currently iam a holder of Diploma in Human Nutrition sciences and would like to upgrade to bachelor degree in the same field but I have difficulties in my finance.
    So I really need your help out there to focus on my career goals.
    Many thanks!

  • Am tr of science enrolled at DMI st Eugene university in Zambia for MSc Biology Education on Distance learning but I don\’t have funds.
    Kindly help! Just $5000 will do offset all tuition fees.

  • I\’m Malian student and I studied linguistics in the Malian university of art and humanities of Bamako. I don\’t have funds. Kindly help.

  • Am a Ugandan holding a bachelor\’s degree in education (Geography/Economics) with GPA 3.8, looking forward to do master\’s in educational administration, however, still encountering financial constraints!
    Here I seek for your aid to further my studies
    Thank you in advance

  • I want scholarship for b.arch and planning education please help me
    Kindly help just $3000 will do offset all tuition fee

  • Hi hope all is well with you. My name is Mariam Burale from Kenya . I am a diploma holder in Business Administration and would love to continue with my studies but that\’s not possible due to financial problems .Kindly please intervene and help me. Thank you. My telephone number is (0710921523)

  • وردتني رساله الكترونيه تقول أنني قبلت في هذه المنح ه و أود الاستفسار عن نوع هذه المنحه هل هي للماجستير أو البكلاريوس و هل هي على الإنترنت أو مباشره ارجو الرد

  • Am a tr of science with a GPA of 3.09 enrolled into a Msc Biology Education at DMI st Eugene university in Zambia on distance learning,$5000 is enough for to offset tuition fees,kindly help.

  • Hello am holder of first degree in Geology mining and environmental science with a GPA of 2.6 and need a fully funded scholarship to continue my education at the masters level. I will be grateful if given this opportunity. my best regards.

  • Hello,My name is Arnold. i got a GPA of 3.56 in a bachelors degree of science in finance. I would kindly like to get a scolarship abroad to study ACC or Masters in accounting and finance

  • Hello my name is Sulueti and I\’m hoping to be given a scholarship in pursuing my degree in Electrical and electronics engineering.

  • Hi. My name is Katelyn Boodhram. I really would like to apply for a scholarship. I\’m studying electrical engineering at Witwatersrand University in South Africa.

  • l got 3.10 cgpa in bsc honour applied geology… I need full funded scholar ship to continue my education at Master level..

  • Am a student of Delta state university am studying biological technology I am presently in 400level and by God\’s grace will be rounding up next year in 500level right now am having difficulties in paying my tuition bills,I want to go to school and be informed so that I will be able to use the knowledge of what I have learnt in school and socially to help solve some economic problems

  • I would like to request for Scholarship to study Masters in Physics (Energy and Environment) I have GPA of 3.4 of Mwenge Catholic University Tanzania.Due to scarcity of Energy I need to learn it and teach students

  • Dear sir/madam i am muhammad adamu from Nigeria.I am a student of physics with CGPA of 4.29.I will be very happy if you happen to sponsor my masters degree in related course.Thankyou.

  • I am a 200level Pharmacy student at university of Ilorin Kwara state Nigeria with a CGPA of 4.71 on a scale of 5.0.
    Life in Pharmacy school have been uneasy for me due to my parents financial insufficiency status.I would like to use this medium to plead to you to be of financial support to make my stay in Pharmacy school easy.
    I am looking for to your quickest response.

  • My name is Ibrahim Kante and i have got a Bsc in Business Management with a GPA of 3.63 on a scale of 4.
    I seek a full funded scorlarship to further my studies in Masters degree.
    look forward to your earliest response

  • My name is Marefiya Abaychew i have go a Bsc in social anthropology with GPA 2.75 am female I want scholarship for Masters degree.

  • I had a Bachelor\’s degree in Economic engineering and Finance, and I wish to continue with a master\’s degree in a related field with the help of this scholarship. I\’m a native from the North West Region of CAMEROON

  • Am owori Enock from Uganda, I have a degree in b. A. Social science. With AGP 3.52. I want to do masters in either public health or project management.

  • I am Esihle Sododile from Shawbury Eastern cape I need a scholarship because I cannot afford school fees I was doing my matric on 2018 I passed with a Diploma

  • My name is basil l from Sudan want study economic because l love this science. And l read more books in economic intellect. Really l need to this scholarship

  • My name is Quintine from Zambia have a diploma in Agriculture with a GPA 2.67 in want to study Bsc agriculture ( plant science). I need a scholarship study abroad because i can not afford for the tuition fees. Please help.

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