You feel like a distance learning degree in Human Resources does not fit you. Are you rather interested in leading a rally or brewing the perfect beer? Tell your parents or friends that you are not crazy as institutions have taught about satisfying the wishes of those who want to receive certificates in others than Business Administration, Human Resources, Public Health and so one. Here are some colleges that offer online certificates for those who want to become beer-brewing, media-sharing, and garden-growing professionals.

Portland State University is offering the Business of Craft Brewing Online Certificate     

Through Portland’s distance learning degree program, industry specialists will teach you how to start and grow your start up so that you can successfully run your craft brewery. Not the usual online college degree program, right? Here are the distance learning degree programs you can access: Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing, Basic Business for Craft Beverages, Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing and some others.

University of Washington is offering Certificates in Organic Agriculture 

Who said online education is not fun and does not cater to people’s needs? If you are fond for organic food, University of Washington is for you. The distance learning program is a good fit for people who want to follow a career in organic agriculture and for those who want to build a community supported agriculture. The following online college programs will help support your knowledge: Food Safety and Quality, Organic Gardening and Farming, and some others.

Empire State College is offering Certificates in Community Organizing    

Here is another interesting online college program that will make online education fun. The Certificate in Community Organizing offers you the possibility of creating alternative and improved solutions for community changings. The college teaches about power dynamics, justice, and the government environments. Distance learning education is fun when you are being lectured about real-life situations where you eventually get engaged in.

If you do not want to enroll in usual, common distance learning programs, you have the alternative from above. Distance learning education has the possibility to offer distance learning programs suited for everyone. A career awaits you ahead with all the unlimited educational possibilities offered to distance learning education students. Do not wait to start working toward your dream. Online education can help you, as much as offline education, to land your dream job no matter what that is.

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  • I am interesting to study but I don\\’t have sufficient amount of money to pay fee.please sponsor to me to learn without fee.

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