Distance Learning Education – Yes Or No?

Interested in attending distance learning classes but you are not quite sure about the online education experience? If you cannot decide whether taking a distance learning degree is worthy or not, do not stop reading our article. Here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you decide whether you should purse an online college program or not. Have a pleasant reading! Are you open minded? Distance learning education has nothing to do with the traditional classroom model. You will need to have an open mind about how learning takes place. You do not need to be tech savvy in order to attend your distance learning education program. However, you need to understand how things work so that […]

Top American Universities Providing Distance Learning Education

Are you interested in finding a flexible way to learn from a reputable American University but you do not have the financial means to make your dream real? There are plenty American universities that developed competitive models of distance learning education adapting their curricula to distance learning education methods. Not only you will benefit of the best online education possible but you will also receive an American certification. Here is a list of American Universities that offer online college programs. Pennsylvania State University One of the oldest universities in America, in 1892 Pennsylvania became the first to provide correspondence courses. In 1998, it launched an online platform for distance learning degree programs. Nowadays, the university offers more than 100 online […]