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Life is busy, messy and sometimes it’s not at all, what we planned. For many people, this means missed opportunities. Like not being able to go to college. But experts agree, you now can get your chance back by enrolling with a respectable distance learning program at an online education university. Distance learning programs are today offered at any level. You can enroll with an associate degree online or a bachelor degree. The decision is up to you. But you should know that an associate degree online is the cheapest form of higher education. In a world where money is an issue for most of us, an associate degree online might be the answer for those looking to make more […]

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When it comes to selecting a college degree online or offline, we often are told to choose what we love. But what if our passions can’t lead to meaningful careers? Well if that’s often the case. How many of us will be able to turn our passion for Star Wars into a job? Not many. That’s why when it comes to selecting a traditional or distance learning program, it’s smarter to pick one that will open up the door towards a lucrative career. Having a job that pays well, doesn’t mean you won’t have time to engage in your passions. And you know what else? Maybe we should take passions and hobbies out of the college degree online or offline […]

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Want to go to college, but you’re worried whether your family and you can afford paying for it? Think smart and start making a financial plan, if you want to see your dream come true. Indeed, every student’s situation is unique, but the common denominator is this: the financial gap that has to be filled by parental contributions, saving money or getting a job. This gap is why scholarships are more important than ever, when it comes to paying for traditional or distance learning. Financial assistance has become a necessity for many students hoping to enroll with a university online degree or a traditional one. Scholarships come with unique benefits and are the superior form of financial aid. Unlike loans, […]

You can apply for scholarships as a junior in high-school. Check out this $1,000 grant for younger students

Many students preparing for traditional or online college, seem to be under the impression that they should start looking for scholarships once they start applying for college. That is, around senior year. While it’s true that many scholarship programs require applicants to be high school seniors, there are many others which are targeted at younger students. So if you decided you are going to enroll with college education online or offline, you should begin to tackle the next big thing and that is funding. Traditional and online college degrees are highly expensive these days, but with the help of scholarships you’ll be able to finance your on-campus or online courses. That’s why it’s never too soon to start your college […]

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Over the past few decades, the Internet has become a huge source of information and education, especially for those who find themselves short on time, money or other important resources. The Internet has transformed education dramatically. College education online has shifted the grasp of power from the hands of the institution to those of the students. And whether you’re looking to enroll into a bachelor program or to deepen your knowledge on a certain topic, the options to get education have never been more diverse And distance learning education is leading the winds of change. The use of online degree programs has been growing at an astronomical rate, and it’s not stopping now. Thanks to online degree programs students have […]